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She sits staring at the sky praying for something,   Something she can't quite put her boney finger on,   Something itching at her rib cage and clawing at her dry throat,  
The creature made only of bones and a thin layer of skin, should be sitting in a throne.  Yet it has not been brought to attention that while you live a life of luxury, for every wish and want you receive,
"Mommy, can I be skinny like those girls on T.V?" I hear these words and put my head in shame. "Mommy, can we go to McDonalds today?"  I hear this constantly and feel the same.
We preach peace, yet declare war. We want to end world hunger, yet we toss food on the daily. We want to attain the best education, yet we are charged more than we can afford. 
Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is                        shattering. Ignorance is                                        cruelty. Ignorance is                                                        isolating.
We prepare long and hard Sweating and in pain We arrive and the the air is dry and stiff I hear no language that I know And acknowledge my detachment from familiarity  We arrive to our new home After a bumpy ride In a run-down, old, moldy bus The
Take me back to the days of a Ghanaian sunset. When hope dwelled above the waters of despair And I gazed into the eyes of a sinking soul. Where trust and fear were honest and pure --
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