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When the world is dark, And the tears stream down my face. When I can’t breathe, When the weight of the world rests on my shoulders, That is WHEN I write. When the colors fade to grey,
I'm am from peaceful summer days with busy and cold nights I am from my secert hiding net, below the porch I am from where music sets the soul free and helps the youth speak their mind.
We all search for that thing That one thing
I need a hero- With every fold of my lips and flick of my tongue, I need a hero-
Sunset settles on the east As the sky darkens Stars twinkle While tine slows downs Owls awaken Yet, birds fly south Heart beats And I stay still waiting waiting waiting
She came early today She said she took the long way And had something to say   She told me some lies She told me some truth She told me she tries Sometimes what’s the use  
I'm not what you think I'm not who you think I'm not where you think I'm not when you think I'm every thing I'm every thing I'm every where I'm every where
Tumbled stones               Ebbing tides                           Salty mist                                                Nature's prize Breathing in                Letting go
I am from the brown house with the dead end sign in the little cul-de-sac.
We come from troubled wombs , our homes resemble tombs. We come from polluted souls , our livess resemble holes. Empty and devalued , longing for the close.
Where have you gone to? Tell me, where did you move? After everything you've been through, I've always been there to pull you through. Whenever you needed a shoulder to cry on
There exists a never ending void So dark, dense and utterly devoid. No sound or light escapes this place. It has born you and will erase.   It will start early and will start young
Hinging everything so delicately One wrong move, everything will fall and fail. It is the price to pay to deal with me. I will keep you close from all that will ail   Only a small price to pay, no big deal
I am from outside, From playgrounds, trees and bikes From kids playing in laughter And smiles on faces so bright   I am from couches, From computers, chairs and stairs
I hear the soft footsteps of rain outside my window, It’s louder friend only seconds behind. They bring me no fear, No wariness, no excitement.
  I am from time well spent and moments lost, Licking the cream from Oreos and Summer days spent at the park. Where I'm from we catch salamanders at the river, Stay up late watching drive in movies
Where would i be without a pencil and paper, a thought or a rhyme? Where would i be without emotion? Where would i be without poetry? How would i express my life to others without a map of guidance?
I dream of a perfect world another world, Where children don’t go hungry, Where all people have a say in the government. Where simple medicines are provided to the ill,
You left me that's all I know I was only three \ when you ran from me why'd you go? I was only a child are you really that low? did you hate me that much, that you ran from your baby
What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel, what’s coming near? How does it happen? How does it come? How does it rise, or fall from the sun? Where does it live? Where does it sleep?
I am from plane rides at a week old, from always knowing there was something special about my family. I am from always knowing I was adopted.
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