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The sun was skin kissing, much like summer but it was the opposite season. The feeling of motion sickness was taking over my body. I fell into a deep sleep knowing we had miles to go.
The fire burns from the hearts of hatred Hurling the angel of death at us with every beat Every pounding of one’s chest, a scream emerges  
blood is thicker than water, they say but to me, they are the same   i feel the blood leaking out of my heart like liquid pain boiling through my skin and
Through his eyes, I see the lightening hot streaks of the soulless metallic demons weapons as they rain down death from the dark crimson skies.
Live like checking into a motel at three in the morning and fumbling with the keys to open the door. Live like fortuitously shocking someone and feeling the electricity expel from your being to another.
They say you only dream In black and white. If that's the case I've never seen Such vivid blacks and stunning whites As run through my mind at night.   Longing, peril, mystery; 
My eyes roamed the beautiful sea of flowers.
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