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Visitors land in Athens engulfed with a feeling of great excitement in the air,Renowned for its rich history, it is as if Greece is waiting to lay it's soul bare,
In the middle of the warm Atlanticwhere there are small islands    in the Caribbean seawhere white sand beachesstretch a long distance    the end you can not see 
6/01/13 Sometimes Some days People need some time away Even if just to Sleep Think
Beach glass Catching the sun Like a rough sea-jewel Plucked from the orange sand Rough around the edges. Dizzy under the oak tree, Spiky grass underfoot. The tang of apples on my tongue,
Beast of the drum. Songs to hum. Songs to last, memories that pass. Sunny skies, waves passing by. Blistering heat brings a tear to my eye. Sorry I cannot stay, Stray, Runaway.
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