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I thought you left me but you stayed. My heart is hurt in every way. I can't do this on my own. Please help me Lord. You told me everything I need to know. How to walk the ways of my Savior.
Christ died for forgetful people. We love Him yet we cheat on Him, how deceitful. But hey dawg don't trip I know the feelin! But I'm telling you no matter what to never stop searching for the words of healin'.
Infintitve! The Love of Christ snt HIs one and nlyson to pay he psice. We foge t timesad sand thre scratching our heads people thinkin we got ice.
Time the biggest enemy of mine You can never find enough Always looking to rewind Well that's tough
You mimic motions of joy, yet I see you paralyzed by your pains. You desperately try to silence your tears yet I hear the erratic beating of a heart hurled in agony.
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