Infinitive Love


Infintitve! The Love of Christ snt HIs one and nlyson to pay he psice. We foge t timesad sand thre scratching our heads people thinkin we got ice. Love is not a feeing or emotion, love isn't ging throug he motion or your boyfriend rubbing you with loion.We somtimes confuse the real with what we just feel. You say "Oh I love you!" but you can't love if you can't even love yourself or simply pick who you want to love from a shelf.

Love is not self seeking,love kind, not blind, love does not boast,love is not proud, it's not being loud, and is NOT rude,dude! Love is patient, love is sufficient like His grace, He created your face. Set you in this very place because He loves you. God is waiting for you with open arms. He loves you beyond your imagination, listen, this is no persuasion, it's just true information. Love is real. God is real. God is love.


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