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Steps away from deathMinutes away from the endAs here I stand, my crossroadsEverything I thought I knew“Kill or be Killed?”The wordsThe taste of poison off my tongueTo save a life?Her life?
It is just me and you, In this mini colloseum, Watching these amateur singers perform Crowded though it is, Smokers though we all are, In the fading light of a day gone by,
Anxiety. One of the many things, That can drive me insane. Consistently waiting for something, Or in my case, Someone.
  Unseen Calamity             Deep and dark so they are             Ground in black             Crawl in stone of ark
We stand as one; a team. Never backing down from the challange to win; we fight until the end. We live for this, the adreneline rushing through our veins, the excitement that runs bone deep when we crash the net.
Each person comes into this world with a destiny, something to fulfill, with a message to be delivered, and with work to be completed!   Our destiny is now, and together we have work to fulfill.
Every time I step on the field My mind is set on the game I don't pay attention to anyone else besides My team and I When the whistle blows I am on my toes getting ready For the ball to come by me
(I’m getting chill bumps on my arms. It’s getting harder to breath, I feel lighter. I’m running as fast as I can, pushing as hard as I can. I’m getting closer and closer with seconds.
Flow of adrenaline through the veins and all under the control of the reins from the steering to the acceleration everything is limited only by your pride satisfaction with the pulse of a button or the stroke of a key
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