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πš‚πšπšŠπš›πšŸπšŽΒ  Β  π™Όπš’Β πšŽπš’πšŽπšœΒ πš˜πš™πšŽπš—,Β πš–πš’Β πš‘πšŽπšŠπš›πšΒ πšŠπš πšŠπš”πšŽπš—πšœΒ  πšƒπš˜Β πšπš‘πšŽΒ πš™πšŽπšŽπš™πš’πš—πšΒ πš•πš’πšπš‘πšΒ πš‹πšŽπš‘πš’πš—πšΒ πšπš‘πšŽΒ πš πš’πš—πšπš˜πš .Β  π™ΈπšΒ πšπš›πš˜πš πš•πšœ,Β πš•πš’πš”πšŽΒ πšŠΒ πš•πš’πš˜πš—Β πš’πš—Β πš‘πšžπš—πšπšŽπš›Β πšπš˜πš›πšœπšŠπš”πšŽπš—Β 
Humpty Dumpty was never an egg Humpty Dumpty made people beg Humpty Dumpty sat on the throne Humpty Dumpty had never atoned All the starved horsesΒ  and all the starved men
Dreadful Dreadful In every cell Dreadful Daughter Lives in hell Dreadful Dreadful You cant tell Dreadful Daughter Fakes it well Dreadful Dreadful HearΒ herΒ knell?
give me the razor, with edges stained red, give me the pills that will silence my head. give me the vodka, an infinite glass, the cigarette smoke, till my cravings are fed. Β 
the first time i hated myself, i was 9 years old. groups of soulless children followed me around the schoolyard calling me diseased ridden, disgusting, fat... the laughed as my tears splashed on the table at which i satΒ 
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