pain addict

give me the razor, with edges stained red,

give me the pills that will silence my head.

give me the vodka, an infinite glass,

the cigarette smoke, till my cravings are fed.


give me the lighter, the little blue flame,

cus the only real cure for this numbness is pain.

pass me the blunt, let fill my insides,

for this torture, only i can attain the blame.


let me watch on the clock to make time for the gag-

give me strength to get rid of the binge that i had.

slap away every ounce of food in my hands,

till my bones protrude and my eyelids sag.


for without self torment, my fingers; they shake,

hopeless paralysis soon overtakes.

so do me this favor, for the good of my mind,

let the numbness be dulled by temporary ache.



Wow amazing


Very interesting and I like your style ;) I have a couple very similar if you check my page. Well done

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