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                                                   Suonerò tutte le campane Per il tuo compleanno Uscirò dalle mie tasche
The girl with the scars Loves to pluck stars when it's dark Though She leaves no mark
The star beautiful and glaring Shining so brightly like i should reach my hands for it Tears filled my eyes as i steer at you The noise around makes me wanna loose concentration
Oh how beautiful the sky is tonight. How marvelous it is with it's soft light! The stars are poking out of the inky blackness And I wonder just how far from me they rest.  The moon, so full and round,
Stars in the sky Far, far away Light up my nights Inspire my days. Daydreamer's glow From thoughts in my head Visions at midnight While I lie in bed. Stars in the sky,
I fear the stars They’re looking for something Someone They know my secrets I whispered to them on the darkest nights
Oh, little dreamer, Your eyes full of stars  And heart of wishes   While you rest Do the constellations Act out your wildest imaginations
When our people die, they become stars of the night. Igniting the obsidian sea, a veil of heavenly light.   For people like I, with godly ichor in our veins, cursed never to die,
Of the stars shining so quiet and bright. Hanging in the sky by strings in rapid arrangements by people too busy to hang them neatly. The constellations are just us painting pictures in the stars. Two a.m.
The stars have always intrigued me With the stories that they tell that have possibility For change, for something different once i looked up, in a dream,  and i was a star
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