star wars

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A bubbling, welling surge of words A trickling creek of sounds  A soft drip of movement A new hope,    The first floating note of an unknown song
Dear Princess, I watch your movies, I read your stories, This isn’t enough to relinquish me from my duties.  
He came to Bespin ill prepared, The Padawan, the only hope. Now hang his life and the galaxy by a rope. Neither his sword nor his hand are spared. The reactor shaft abosrbs his cry of pain all around.
Once upon a time In a galaxy far, far away A Wookiee became a mime But only for a day
May your heart be with you To steady your path And grant you happiness.
Today, dear Padme, my only desire,   When I close my eyes, I can see the fire that burned anew every time I saw you  
People must lift their voices for what's right; Luke, Han, and Leia are loudest of all. Their echoes reach far to keep up the fight, Which will help make the dark empire fall. The universe survives because of them.
"Alone here, I am." "Much have you to learn, young jedi. Vader's son you are."
A long time ago and a long ways away, On one well-known galaxy came a horrible day. In the Outer Rim, on Tatooine, Young Skywalker never knew what he'd get caught between. He left home for a bit to buy some droids
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