Star Wars

Mon, 10/15/2012 - 22:46 -- Lisa N

A long time ago and a long ways away,
On one well-known galaxy came a horrible day.
In the Outer Rim, on Tatooine,
Young Skywalker never knew what he'd get caught between.
He left home for a bit to buy some droids
And returned to find his relatives vaped into void.
A wayward 'bot led him to Kenobi;
Together they trekked to Mos Eisley.
There in the place known as the galaxy's hole-o,
The pair met smuggler Han Solo.
For a hefty price, to Alderaan they flew,
Only to find the Empire'd vaped it through.
The trio snuck in a Destroyer and rescued the princess.
(Here Ben died, to Luke's distress.)
Angered, young Skywalker joined the Rebellion.
To destroy the Empire, he'd had a notion.
Partnered with friends in the Rogue Squadron,
He flew at the Death Star--the foe's big gun.
Due to the Star's little known defect,
Luke shot it--his aim perfect.

When the Empire attacked again,
It was at Hoth--the Rebels' chilly den.
Unfortunately for them, the Rebels evacuated.
(Han had to go solo--Leia he'd aggravated.)
After this trouble, Luke departed
To Dagobah and its swamps fetid.
Hidden here was Jedi Master Yoda,
Who on the Force insisted, "You must make quota."
Under Yoda, he progressed steadily,
Then a dream called him away before he was ready.
Too late he found it was a trap.
And worse yet, he found Vader in the rap!
The resulting fight cost Luke a hand.
(His fate could've been worse than that reprimand.)

The next events his friends saw a bother:
Luke set out to redeem his father.
Han, Luke, and Leia all
Traveled to Endor--the Empire's main hall.
Hordes of troopers split the group--
Luke found the base, the others regrouped.
Inside, the Jedi tracked Vader and Sidious.
A battle ensued, as graceful as hideous.
Luke repeatedly touched the Empire's second.
"Vader can be redeemed," the Jedi reckoned.
Sidious eventually grew quite bored.
To Vader he ordered, "Have him gored."
But the other Sith did not comply--
Instead he sentenced his master to die.
The gargantuan effort was too much for Vader:
The last Sith died there not a moment later.
With leaders gone, the Empire dissolved.
Luke and company had the fight resolved.


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