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they say the universe is endless but then that causes people to be reckless tell people that there is no need to jealous of those who have better parents you also dont need to ask questions
driving down the highway with nothing but my sanity barely clinging to reality staring in my vanity chasing after clarity
The Soul in Not a Single Color The soul is not a single color, but a spectrum of emotions. It is the feeling of freedom, of despair; it is the good, the bad, and the inbetween.
"The world is not kind!" they scream our teachers, our mothers, and the men we sent to fight "The world is not Kind," we whisper to ourselves when things seem far from fine
"She is not the one". Words, like swords cut people deep. Her love died, bleeding.
Catalytic fire, Exponentially growing To enlighten us Souls untouched by love, Which expand with rising warmth. We owe you our praise.
how long do you leave a soul outand let it go coldbefore you throw it away? food for thought people for food 
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