The World is

"The world is not kind!" they scream

our teachers, our mothers, and the men we sent to fight

"The world is not Kind," we whisper to ourselves

when things seem far from fine

"Our country's gone to hell, we're screwed, God's lost" the headlines read

the banners and articles, the news we see on tv

"Our country's gone to hell, we're screwed, God's lost" the politicans say

and who are we to deny the man we put in his place

"The world is kind, our country isn't hopeless" I whisper

to child who lends me their ear

"There's a world out there full of people who care," I tell

but the kid is lost at this point

"For the news doesn't tell you the miracles that happen in turmoil's wake" 

"Of the lives saved,

of the genroisty of humans who need no names" I shout

and the boy smiles and looks at the sky and finally has hope in man. 


This poem is about: 
My country



This is one of the more lighthearted and yet serious poems about America the Great.

It shows alot of  we say and how we feel about our country. This is really good and 

quite mature. 

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