slice of life

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There I was A little girl Who did not know What life would bring   I used to wonder
The daybreak sun shines cold through the cloud A mere shift in wind is all it will take Above that bright golden orb shines proud
Plank the desk says.. Well he says nothing   Cause I’m looking at him and covering his face the whole time Papers, a notebook, and pencils lay over wooden lips In a cubicle called class
The day passed quick
some days we are both ghosts,for we see unlike trees.the earth falls asleepand still I spin the globeblue and grey-greenflickers of light and shadowlike a stargazer trappedin life.
Eyes wide, skipping down the hallA book “How to Draw Dragons”Nestled in her arms.When she’s still her mouth hangs openThen closes, and opens again,Silently gasping for air like a fish out of water
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