shower thoughts

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I alone am the voice inside my head i'm my own alter ego  who wants myself dead you are an ally To who i am an ally to someone i wish I were not in truth you will see
The reason people turn cold is because the body can no longer handle the fire constantly suffocating us from the inside. We've learned the more you scream the more smoke invades our lungs, choking our voice.
Sitting in the shower makes you think. The methodic falling of water forces you into your own head. You feel the droplets slowly making your legs become tingly, almost numb,
It seems as though a cloud has permanently settled over my head  And my chest is burdened with a twenty pound weight that doesn't belong on my bones.  Emotionally, I'm dead. 
A safe place, allowing my mind to stray  
How many impossible things are there before breakfast? Is it five or seven? Maybe even ten or eleven?   I used to know So long ago, Someone else will know, I trust
Water is relaxing As I sit In the shower Nothing can compare To the way The water feels like silk against My skin My hair
poems can go on and on forever like an endless
Shower Thoughts and Dream Knots   Shadow ships sailed across the walls and splashed into a ceiling speckled with galaxies,  yellow constellations swirling behind clenched eyelids,
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