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I have a gift: The gift of changing myself. I can be anything, Anyone. I can be family or stranger, Friend or foe.   I have a gift. I can choose to show it Or not.
She, falling in love before   and he, to depart without   a bye so good   darkened Her heart from red to gray and further to black   it was as if death
  A single  drop of a  salty liquid
Study.Study.Study.Study.Study. Study.Study.Study.Study.Study. Study.Study.
The beautiful shine of your golden skin---It nearly blinds my eyes.Surrounded by a crown of golden leaves,
Calculus Homework is Like some sort of poetry It expands somewhat in the middle Then is gradually, thouroughly Simplified until it is quite Manageable once Again
(Read in triplets, so "Tri-pl-et, Tri-pl-et; Ti-be-li; In-to-the light-comes-the ...") ~ ~ ~ Chaos, disorder, and darkness, beyond lies a great expanse of wilder and here there is naught a trace of clearness or form
Who are you to judge the shape or size? Who are you to laugh at someones insecurites? Who are you? You are nothing. Imagine if that were you. How would you feel?
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