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why can't you see the life in my eyes? why can't you see the tears flowing down? whe can't you be nice why  why why?   why can't you just hold me, and cuddle  and stroke my furr?
You're lying in bed. Are you in bed or are you lying? I cant figure it out. I'm tired of trying
my brain smokes and i ride the wind or drift by the galaxy past oblivion the old man sits there in a way hes always been today i think
Words like rain.   Words drop like a constant rain, Drowning out all that is humane   Words like rain.   At first start small
the dead leaves know so little the swine and their eager snouts scour the pile, although too brittle swarming minds with no doubts  
The acids in my stomach threaten to erupt out of me when I think of him with someone else.  I see the color of the sky at dusk and think of him.  I think of how overly confident he is with himself,
Love is what?   It's just a waste of time.  
Its a terrible feeling, wat
Left broken, Shattered, Alone. My innocence; Ruined, From the taint Of society.   No one understands My pain. It lies beneath the Surface Of my ever so
I sit aloneon the ruins of human failure.On a stonemade of the promises broken.Feet underneath me,to stand would be impossible.I weep softlyon the ruins of human failure.
"Money" is such a bitter word.
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