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There once was a person who was old, Who stole a leprechaun's pot of gold, So the latter kicked him hard And he flew across a yard, And then there's a wind that's very cold.
So here is a story about how I became oblivious to addiction with a substance I've been told was something God had gifted and a gift it was for a while at least no sense of pain and time's existance just ceased
tank on E but i got that stank on me gassed up in this bitch is you higher than me? got a pack a swish a bowl and home made bongs fast food fried nigga im dipped like a sunday cone
          Is it that easy? You shoot up, the pants come down. You get your money’s worth. I’ll leave the gain. Rusty lemon types, sour and boney. Like larvae, comfortable and worry-free. Days tick tick, living under a spell.
She’s a beautiful girl- beautifully broken that is. And each breath she draws
The first woman I ever loved She definitely came from the heavens above How else can you be so perfect? The way you smell Sometimes you even have those little red and orange hairs
mary be that ho3 u get with time and time again lucy be that classy broad who be makin u wonder if u are jus playing fraud on yourself. yes of course thats what i mean aint that obscene?
i got da weed thata make u ease the cheese that radiates indigo beams dope that lets u cope with reality. in actuality reality may not even be real we r just trapped in a bag and life is the seel.
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