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Its like i want you to stay here an let my mind be at ease, but its hard to please when my heart is at need
Awesome things are everywhere Even when you are in despair. Though you may not see How others care, Positivity is in the air. Just look around and you will see The world and all its beauty.
Anger is pointless Anger can thrill Anger is useless  Anger can kill   Anger is consuming Consuming like hate Consuming your soul Consuming your fate   Stay calm and breathe
Skipping rocks on a still pond not knowing the depths or how long as it breaks the cool surface it sinks into a rink of uncertain getting knocked down wave after wave
Take off your glasses Before another second passes Exchange them for rose colored lens The world proably bends from negativey to creativy I bet you gained a different perspective
One mind Incapable of Change Like a paper airplane making the same folds since you've been this old Unable to watch it sore From the fears it'll crash into the floor. You make it seem so sure
Born looking “white” Grew up looking “bright” Born to be a gift Grew up on feelings I could not lift Born to be beautiful Grew up to be judgmental
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