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Sitting next to the fireplace with hot coco in my hands A comfy ugly sweater on with a blanket wrapped over my legs Watching a beautiful movie with family and friends around
It hard to be the one who beams beasts are the dream do not treat you can not bet  we only dream Because we beam yet we try to buy you can not help to try
I can stage a small rebellion  anytime, even at dinner. Sucking, gnawing citrus proudly as the others inhale pie. 
As I see this circle come into view, my contant desire for it ever grew. For this beautiful specimen was a beautiful find, the curvature of its surface truly titilates my mind.
I ate a piece of pumpkin pie With whipping cream piled high And, finding I was hungry still, Took the pan and had my fill.
Churning pudding pie of chocolate, I love you so much! How can I tell this pie that it was worth more than three dollars and fourteen cents? O! O! chocolate pudding, how I love you!
I don't own a lot of things all i have are these set of strings i played my way through the southern streams
I went to the fair Hoping to make a find. Then I spotted a stand. It was one of a kind.   All kinds of good pies Were setting right there. Could I choose from them all?
Amazing Angela anxiously ate an Apple. The delicious tasting apple made her decide to make an apple pie. She went to pick some big beautiful apples off the tree. Angela took the apples home and began to cut them.
*So i was walking to the bus stop and passed by a homeless man. Nothing new so I walked straight past him didn't even see him at first. They tend to blend in with the concrete here and its a shame.
Sweet love like honey(bunch) oaks, rub me down like mummylocks, the core so round & deep, juice be the seeds, candyapple(Red) bone, maybe thats why she stay, cause that woman love sweet(talk) ,
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