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They’re always there  You can be happy but they will still sit and stare  You can be sad and they will still go nowhere  They could make you cry
Tell me the tale of a good old node.  The one who stirs at everyone's mode Taking a hint of what to from each imitation  What a virtue to behold.  
I love to look back on the simple times. The simple wonders of life. The lack of fear, anxiety; the lack of responsibility. A total freedom to run around and smell the flowers, play in the trees and messy up my clothes.
Caterpillar, caterpillar, weak and small It’s hard to understand the world when your walls are so tall Asking questions and wondering when you will grow Wanting more than anything for your wings to show
Sunshine was my former name,  yet the darkness of life encompassed me like flame, but all it took was a long glance in the mirror,  for my vision to become clearer, Sunshine is my current name.   
In my arms she rest; her short soft breath fleeting away as her tears of glass shards pierce my flesh  "Rest, my love" I say motherly Her glassy eyes, hands like petals Soft and sweet was once her innocents How horridly it was stripped naked and b
To all the mermaids at the ocean floor in corral cities still living with their parents, haunted
Feet perched on top of a practical duffell, those few inches of distance Between my feet and the carpet allow space for impractical wishes. Wishes that I weren’t here, waiting.
We all claim to need closure. And yes, it is quite a wonderful thing to have. To know the exact science of, why, how, who, and when. But sometimes that doesn't happen.  
I don’t wanna feel the way they make me feel I don’t wanna live the way they taught me too They can go, board up all my windows But They will never see where the sun shines from  
Dear Watcharin, We weren’t ever supposed to meet.
Everything I am is tied to my stomach. I feel everything so intensely; sometimes, I feel the wind get knocked out of me. I am convinced there’s a little girl in my heart pulling the strings from up above.
I need you and you need me We give, we take, We show, we see We laugh, we cry We live, we die, Together Half of enough
2016 was a year of L's. On average I took an L every other month. Which means I learned from 6 L's that I wanna share with y'all.   
2016 was by far the worst year ever. Try it, I dare you to convince me That I must see more than just negatives. But I know now, how your world works and
one Sometimes, there are last Christmases, last birthdays, last goodbyes. And sometimes, you don't know that that's what they are until they've gone by. two
She is happy, she is sad. She is excited, she is afraid. She is confident, she is scared. She is loved, she is alone.  
I had to be lost for awhile To get to where I am now I had to be pushed down, left, and walked on To know who I am now Because before, I was so plastic Falsly built up by the words of my parents and peers
Poetry is not only art But it shows how far you've come. When I read old poems I see how much I've grown As a poet and a person. I may not be the best writer, But I love seeing personal growth
I’m sorry you have been laid to rest But I don’t regret my choices You dragged me down Never gave me room to grow I just needed that small bit of sunlight But you were the only one sun bathing 
Driving fast let the wheels eat the pavement. / I don't want to be here I don't wanna feel this. / No one asks me where I'm going no one really cares. / Even if they did nobody really dares.
My brother and I learned how to breathe together, but we soon became a set of tools. He was a plow and I was the rake. I collected the stones he threw. I became the ladder when he picked orchards.
a bottle of beer
Look forward   The individual piles of independence Considered necessary for lunacy Yet are essentially illusions to distract   Our meaningless
The world around us is constantly moving Even the smallest flower is beautifully blooming. If a bud so small gets a chance to bloom A human so tall, chance as well should assume.
Standing over his hard corpse My eyes tear, full of remorse.   People tell me 'sorry, but it was his time' They don't understand that he was mine.   Funeral is tomorrow
There's a thing to be said and to be heard About the complete destruction of faith When the absolute last sigh has been blurred When none take notice of the glimpsing wraith
Must be willing to Change, or remain frozen in time Become purified
  I can feel you.Tired and upset, fraying at the edges. I know it won’t last. This is a time of weakness, a stepping stone between humble beginningsand avowed omnipotence.
Intelligence used to be a virtue, Ignorance used to hurt you, But in the past few decades the roles have reversed . . . I though about rhyming but now it's a free-verse,
Passing by their faces show, The ignorance hidden deep below. I read their faces like a book, Absorbing every dirty look. Fear and guilt consume their eyes, Unconcealed through pretty lies.
you’re getting married saturday. you’re marrying the man you deemed better than my father, the man you figured was more suitable for you than three children, a loving husband, a house with large windows
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