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New births each day  beneath the oceans Gracious feast and luxurious moments.   Spicy existences 
People can be fearful of things unknown People are prone to discover on their own that what they fear is not fought alone   Their are those who fear spiders Their are others who fear beggars 
Mistrust and suspicion rule in my brain They run  cross country inside my heart. Loud thumping, mind racing, loosing the control Your breaths quicken and your sight blurs.
Reading about Aaliyah on the blog spot the number 722 on her apartment I see that combination and mixes all the time A sudden though hits my mind Aaliyah's watching over me.   The light flickers.
It all began when Sam was small,  His mom was left dead by the worst demon of all. Sam was in college when his dad disappeared, His brother, Dean showed up without a single tear.
If there are people, there are spirits. If there is a God, there is a Devil. If there are angels, there are demons.      One cannot exist without the other.
  The ball bounces against the crack of the drive Two little girls laugh as they miss the backward shot. Dusk disappears like their childhood
Wake me up.This nightmare kills me and no matter how loud I scream no one saves me.Wake me up.I'm in this sleep of death and as I walk among these shadows I can't even for a second catch my breath.Wake me up.
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