not good enough

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Skin of glass, lips of rubies, Porcelain pastes of bitter bruises. A careful beauty Hides the lies That lie within The bones of you.
look; i'm so, so sorry  i thought i'd made you proud.  not annoyed, i'm full of misery.  because i stood out in a crowd.  wasn't normal, didn't fit in. not in the future not even now.
It’s fine. It’s okay. I’ll forgive from now until forever, Until I waste away. I have no problem with you, Or whatever it is you feel at this time... ... Even if it is pure hate,
 I’m the golden girl. I’m intelligent and driven. I’m ambitious but principled. I make straight A’s. I have a 4.0, which seems to be the ticket to everything in the college world. Adults love me because I’m different.
Look at me who do u see  do u see qualifications for who I'm destined to be   how bout a future do u see a bright road  or only the dark path that I've come to know.   
The world is tough, The world is prideful, The world is rich, The world is flashy, The world is glamourous, But I am not like the world. The world is sleezy, The world is hard, 
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