Behind that smile


Look at me who do u see 

do u see qualifications for who I'm destined to be


how bout a future do u see a bright road 

or only the dark path that I've come to know. 


Have u seen my mistakes my sin or my flaws 

if u think I'm ok, u haven't seen me at all 


I've strayed and fallen away from my calling

my weakness has broke me right down now I'm crawling


But nobody understands they think I'm a rolemodel 

but u want to know the truth I don't roll how I model 


My heart is almost as black as the night, my intentions are wicked and it's twisted my mind


I cant even be around others for to long of time 

from fear I might reveal these demons I fight


the shadows are here and there coming with violence, can someone please help me I'm screaming in silence!! 


I'm afraid it's un doable these deeds I have done, my chances of survival are zero to none

I cry my eyes dry when I find myself alone, then I wash up my face cause no tear is to show


so each day I put on some make up and hide all my shadows and I smile that smile that hides all my battles.



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