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I moved to this neighborhood forty-two years ago today.I moved here six months before Elvis Presley passed away.Crosby Park is the name of my neighborhood.I've been here for a long time and I'll be here for good.
Dear Neighbor. My family isn't from around here. I did not grow up in these coastal neighborhoods. It's not like your family. With your nice dog and your kind husband and your quiet sons.
My tears drop silently Through the misty air Nothing can be heard  If we ever cared What's in it for me Besides putrid insanity What will it take to rise Destroying my disguise
My DNA is filled with millionsHard life and killed civiliansThey dont want us in the streets We just tryna blend in...But we aint chameleons Cocked gun thats a wake up callBetter hope you dont get involvedShots fired tryna stand tall But the oppos
Everyday Ι walk over similar roads,   And in every way the same memories replay.  As my feet bring me to the places, my mind brings me to other times.     Back then, and today 
As you get older, you tend to see the truth in your town. People you saw as heroes become the villains hiding in the gutters seeking revenge. I learned that my town is broken.
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