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The pain in my head runs so fuckin deep
I knew where I was headed, Lost in thought, nose in a book: Dragons, fairies, elves and sugar plum days. Every thought, every move.
Cascading down a whirlwind of darkness, Accompanied only by pain and purple lights. Silently screaming and crying inside.  It hurts is much, this eruption of agony.
In a world full of pain and fear she finds peace In a world full of darkness and cold she finds light and warmth In a world full of despair she finds faith   She knows not of the life outside this dark room
My thoughts have taken the long way out Everything I do kills me now. The beautiful ugly that resides in my mind, The silence that screams at me all the time. I take the medicine day after day.
Numb all over I like the way I feel When this pain in my head makes me reel. The pressure so great I think my brain's exploding Crouched in the fetal position rocking and rolling.
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