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one) a boy who speaks with a thick accent. always gets up in the middle of group sessions to ‘use the bathroom’.
Joy of life, Joy of living, Joy of seeing tomorrow. Joy of running, Joy of jumping, Joy of having freedom. Joy of pizza,
I wrote this poem to make my brain shut up. I wrote this poem to make my father shut up. I wrote this poem to make John Donne shut up. Shut up, "boys will be boys." Shut up, "All Lives Matter." My blackness won't shut up.
How to Be Liked Do not do as you're told. Challenge authority - politely. Respect others' boundaries. Break all of your own. Be interesting. Have adventures.
1.       The reliability I can place on my tongue to speak. Or to sing; to scoop these words, these sounds out of my mouth, like black-raspberry ice cream, into a ready bowl; willingly waiting for what I have to say.
The arm of the wise old oak Outstretched and strong today Opening his embrace to forst children forever   A walking stick for the wanderers, lost Serendipitous and temporary today
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