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Laura, I’ve been admiring you since the first day you came to work here. I didn’t know that you had a boyfriend until I saw him with you last night. I can tell that he loves you, so I don’t want to come between you and him.
If you are interested in business and you want to succeed, The profitable thing to do is mind your own business Do not waste time meddling in the affairs of other people
Just a second agoThe magnificent flowThe room filled with soundThe noises that drownedVibration, scientifically speakingThis is what I've been seeking 
you don't have to be mine but i want to be yours break down your barred arms and unlock your chest's doors let me find myself in your eyes and smile into your neck it burns where you touch me
you're not magical nor impossible to believe you're oh-so-real and all i can see i don't know your mind but i love it so i want you to take me to wherever you go you go in the night
although you are like a brother, i would prefer you be a lover. but we can not always get what we want
Your words are the Holy Scriptures I know by heart Confirm me with your smile and let me view God’s art Your hand’s caress surely has power over me My skin is blessed as my mind drowns in dopamine
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