All That You Are



Your words are the Holy Scriptures I know by heart

Confirm me with your smile and let me view God’s art

Your hand’s caress surely has power over me

My skin is blessed as my mind drowns in dopamine

My heart changes meter as I sit in the chamber of your eyes

My soul rests, perhaps transcends, as you fill me with your light


Darling, take my eyes if you cannot see how ravishing you are

Keep my ears if you cannot hear that I love all that you are

For my spirit sighs at the fact that you do not know my love

Affections show, our relationship grows but you still don’t know, my love

How I feel beyond alive when I am with you

I feel as right as rain, as fresh as morning dew


If I am to whither tomorrow my dear, here is my last request

Let the last sound I hear be your laughter so I may peacefully rest


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