'Inspiration ' 'fly' 'conquer'

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Feathers and wings Ducks or penguins Macaws and cuckoos Birds of all types Each of them mesmerize And I watch them in awe When they fly And eagles high in their nest And the way owls rest
How can something 
So, You Want to Change the World? 
This is not just a poem to me.  It's a future letter to my future me. I wish for them to know..how much so the things they do right now Really truly matter. 
Bouncing, running, laughing.  Gasping, Staring from shock, Falling.  How does one capture this? How does one enable this? It must be motion magic.    A person sits at a desk. 
In five minutes I will be taking the late bus home.  Five hours from now I will be studying for my Anatomy and Physiology exam. Five days after will be the last day of my
Time. Time is such an important thing, you never realize that you have to consider.
F ace your fears, nothing can hold you back from greatness. E ven when you feel like giving up, DONT A lways put 100% into everything you attempt R ealize that fear is a mere stepping stone on your PATH TO GREATNESS
Hear me, My Captain!     Those words you spoke,         so elegantly fill my mind,             empowering my goals, my dreams, my life.   Hear me, My Captain!     You say never to give up.
I read because it teaches me to love, To care, to dream To be adventurous  It helped me to find who I truly am inside, To detemine who my real friends were And to find my inner strengths.
Is your rival winning? Then he is probably better than you. What, or is he cheating ? Then you already won. Did your partner cheat on you? Well, he/she has already moved on, it's time you should too.
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