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This is a Haiku I’m not good at poetry But I’ll try it out p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'}
It is odd to think of poems being this small. Space for tiny thoughts!   The NYPD brought a bomb dog to Fordham. He ate a napkin.   My dorm often smells like a mixture of grief and
Haikus for Peace #1 Will there be peace soon? All I see is war and hate. In time things will change. #2
MalachiteA Haiku by Amerus of Mairon This black and green stone Of love and transformation's poisoned dust is death
It trips and then falls The spark from the cloud carpet Lights its startled face.
In my universe, My whole life is a curse, A curse I must live. In my universe, My mind is very fragile, My chin must face up. In my universe, All I ever feel is pain. And I have grown numb.
The ruby red rose resurects the pain of loss
I am full of dreams And aspirations, I know I'm going places. Picture us without All the makeup, just our own Intended beauty.
You are becoming me now. You are taking over me. You are my body.   You are now my eyes. You show me what I should see. You make things so clear.   You are now my tongue. 
Train of thought is lostI stare at the emptinessNow my time is up  
o1. bandaids for the earth where she’s splitting at the seam and soft butterfly kisses   o2. flower crowns for every head turned down, make lonely corners
Fall is upon us, the cool air surprises me, Fall Break overjoys. Football rivalries, The pep rallies are so tense, Filled with school spirit.
As a child I used to write haikus Back when we all would clap the syllables out. They were plain, and most ended up like this: I saw lightening It was scary and bright yellow It boomed all night long
Tulips grown in sun Often picked by younger ones, Left to spurt again.
I I would write dirges For memories that escaped- They only return. II Cast away your doubts, Casting shadows on the wall; They only hinder.
As the moon looks down Waxing, waning, glowing light ‘Tis good company Beauty of the moon Overwhelms the stars No comparison In the sky, flawless Celestial perfection Never cease to be
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