Becoming You


You are becoming me now.

You are taking over me.

You are my body.


You are now my eyes.

You show me what I should see.

You make things so clear.


You are now my tongue. 

You speak when I can't form words.

You are the whole truth.


You are now my ears.

You hear what I cannot hear.

You make me listen.


You are now my lungs.

You are each breath I've taken.

You keep me alive.


You are now my heart.

Beating to keep me from death.

Forcing me to breathe.


You are now my blood. 

You pound throughout all my veins.

You flow on the floor.


You are now my skin.

You hold me altogether.

You live within me.


You are now my brain.

You form the thoughts in my head.

You make me seem sane.


You are myself now. 

You are now in full control.

I put my trust in




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