generation z

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My generation As of right now We could be called Children. And I suppose That’s what we are Children of a doomed future.
Brother, father.  A son and daughter.  See, fresh water.   Look, there’s an otter!   What’s an otter doing underwater?   
Human connection has deminished and now all we have is technological connection. Emotion no longer a human characteristic, but a nuisance. Love is now a foreign language.
Comb through your luscious, red hair, And find me lying amidst those tongues of fire, Betwixt the very sand and sky— I could just cry, For in due time, I’ll fall for human physiognomy,
I am a part of Generation Z and amending society   I wonder what waits for me after this inaguration I hear voices in protest and anger
Hands on the keyboard Frantically keeping up Connecting with words
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