friends with benefits

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i've always been attracted to challenges.   something about the chase,   the feeling of always wanting more,   the hunger that gnaws at you from the inside,  
Dear me from January,   It’s me, or rather I’m you,  But from six months in the future. Not much has changed— You still suck at physics,
T is for the endless Torture you put me through That made me question your true intentions. R is for the reckless Ruses you put up To deceive me and control me. A is for the Aggression in your actions
We didn’t fall in love I just can’t stop thinking bout you No we’re not meant to be But everyone you’re with reminds you of me
I love you endlessly. I don’t even have to be thinking of you specifically to love you. You see, I love you when the smell of coffee tickles my nose
She rolls open her blinds, squinting at the sunin her eyes, and turns away. Remnants of oatmeal and hairare left in the sink of her apartment, and she is the one left to clean it.
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