Endless Love

I love you endlessly.

I don’t even have to be thinking of you specifically to love you.

You see, I love you when the smell of coffee tickles my nose

(by that time you’re probably on your second cup)

And when I count each star before bed wondering which is you.

I love you when someone’s cold hand brushes me,

And in the warmth of every hug.

The color orange-in the flowers, the sun

(which I shall never forget…),

Even a popsicle melting in the heat of the summer-

Stirs in me that love for you.

Every bite of mac n cheese and every single strawberry

That I eat is my love for you.

I love you when I sit on a rooftop,

Or sip a beer with my father.

I love you with everything that starts with “dear” and ends in “love”.

Any time I hear a guitar, I love you.

When I climb a tree and cut my hand, I love you when I worry I might have a splinter

Every black and white cat makes me love you.

I love you when I write my packing lists on the mirror in my room,

And when I light the candles upstairs for my mother.

Each night I sleep in my tent, I love you,

And when I wake up to the smell of coffee,

I begin loving you again.

I love you each day, whether you are here or not.

I love you endlessly.


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