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dear firefly,you are such a soon as darkness hits, you make sure you're the first thing I come close,flicker your light,float above my head;you make me chase after you
Dear firefly,  It's been too long since I've seen you It's been too long since I've felt your touch      the brush of your hand on mine      the soft reassurance of your fingers skimming the skin on my face 
If you take a look at me, with my piercings, my unnatural hair that feels more natural than the mousey brown I was born with, you can guess
You’re too cold to be real The earth didn’t treat you like her child No she didn’t want you So now you hold me too close   You grasp at my flames But I’ve been sleeping on the ocean floor
    I'm gonna run away You're not gonna find me I'm leaving on serenity I'm headed for the stars Gonna fly past mars
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