fake people

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School Jocks on the right Nerds on the left I wonder which should I be If I don't choose one, I will be nobody I have to choose before I get hurt The pain is never my plan in high school
I hate when people I used to know reaper Like they’re waiting for me to thank them for coming back The ever-present question hangsTaints the air “Aren’t you going to ask me where’ve I been?” I do not look for shadows in blinding lightMy vision has
Everyone can bully and that's the truth some families joke  but mine don't. everyone van bully and that's the truth some friends joke but mine don't. bullys , bullys, bullys,
As crafted neatly within a metal box, My minds and feelings are meant to be left alone. Won't they understand I need to be closed off to see the true light of day. They worry for things they should hear
Come with me my darling, and take my hand.
Painted Smiles August 12, 2013   “Would You like more tea?” Knowing and seeing that I had enough, She smiles showing more Teeth   Whiter than most. With her Painted Smile
I am like a super villain hidden in a discise You never see me but im always their You tell me secrets and i say ill never share them You trust me but you never  should have
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