Painted Smiles


Painted Smiles

August 12, 2013


“Would You like more tea?”

Knowing and seeing that I had enough,

She smiles showing more Teeth


Whiter than most.

With her Painted Smile

And Clown Face


Trying to get their

Credit for helping my fellows

Their good deed for the day.


How it sickens me,

Them not walking the talk.

Their talk, the Falseness


The Lies, they are thick and  black 

And I can see them in their eyes.

With Painted Smiles


And clown faces

With imagined tears

and fake fears.


How I dislike these painted faces

these painted words of lies

I am not here for your pity


Or to help ease you life of long suffering

To ease your sorrow that is not honest

For those with a heartless soul


These that claim they follow Christ

But are not Christ like at all.

That only do this for the volunteer credit.


With their Painted Smiles

And Painted faces

these clowns, those false souls.  


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