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Heavy-minded, weak of will I watch you lay your life down You're hot and shaking from the thrill Of atrophy at work
Hiding in mundane scenes of normality, somebody's vacant kitchen feels like it could never feel like home to anyone, it's haunted by the living
Crazy COVID-19 has us all in a tizzyToo much information making all of us dizzyMost who’ve been exposed self-quarantineRunning out of toilet paper making us mean“Social distancing” is the phrase du jour
WE are the priveledged ones, taking these deaths as our time to have fun. WE are not affected and WE cannot be told what to do, as the rest of the world stands silent and blue.  
The first time was magic. The last time was tragic.He begged her just once more...But she wouldn't have it. She couldn't have it...After all that had happened,All it would bring up were lies and their habits.
I know I am. Being all someone needs snd more is not likely to happen in 2016. I don't see nothing wrong with staying single, but ask yourself who wants to be?
His eyes were his disguise because otherwise he was jus lik other guys but to her surprise..they were his two biggest lies and in hers she could not see, him for what he’d turn out to be
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