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His eyes were his disguise because otherwise he was jus lik other guys
but to her surprise..they were his two biggest lies
and in hers she could not see, him for what he’d turn out to be
so she placed her hand in his, they were together side by side
he took on a stride and she basked in it with pride..but why??
cause at the time he showed up at her doorstep and not a moment too late
he was the bait nothin short of the perfect mate
poor shawty mistook this coincidence for fate
and never the less she was phat to death and upon request
he could make her cum so she never left
it was the perfect accommodation to both their situations
because she, was so obedient, yet she found him so lenient, but what she never seen in it
was that he viewed her as convenient, but she was open only for him
yet he still wanted to roame, but at night couldn’t fade alone
so he chilled on her sofa and kicked his feet up and made himself at home
now she’s confused..she said “you’re here every night we hug, screw, and kiss,
i’m cookin and cleanin, but you still haven’t claimed me, where we goin with all of this?”
He jumped all defensive “why you gotta be talkin all bridal, actin all suicidal, why you just can’t have fun like i do, i mean why confuse this thing with a title?”
she thought “maybe he’s right i wont put up a fight i’d rather deal with this than deal with lonely every night.”
she only gave herself to him and because there were no to others and she trusted him so much she let him hit it without rubbers
and unfortunately although she knew she’d never be his wife
he gave her in exchange a disease she’ll have for the rest of her life
and when she confronted him about it he said he never saw it comin
“how could you blame me for all this, you know you never were my woman.”
so now his eyes shes grown to despise although they were once filled with desire
but now if they were to meet with hers would most likely both catch afire
and i know sometimes at home she thinks shes on her own
but sadly it’s so very common she doesn’t battle this alone..there are plenty others
cause sadly men like this birth kids whose fathers did this to their mothers
and so these kids grow up to witness this and is what they mimic
and so its spreading rather quickly and has become this epidemic.


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