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  A paucity of air clings to my lungs as I sink further into what life could be. Wishing away, living a dream, all the while toying with time’s dominating hand.
I refuse to submit to the brainwashing of Faith.  I am liberated through The world;  I am limited by Religious culture. To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
I don't need Humanism  To be good, I require only God.  I don't need man-made distractions such as Technology and modern advancements  To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
In the home of the brave and the land of the free Greed Corruption  Lies Are what we do not see We fight wars because "freedom is not free" Money Power  Oil 
I stay up late each night Dashing through school tasks Being distracted now and then A tempting pull To abandon the path I always comply Because my will is always overpowered
Gentle gale, why art thou blowing,For do you know it is scarcely eight in the morning?Instead of focusing on numbers and words,Thou hast tempted me to soar among birds,Free in the sky, without a care in the world,
Shoes are
I hear the soft footsteps of rain outside my window, It’s louder friend only seconds behind. They bring me no fear, No wariness, no excitement.
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