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Shoes are a wonderful thing.

They provide protection, warmth, comfort, style.

Shoes are my weakness - my “Achilles’ heel," as the phrase goes.

I had 28 pairs of shoes last time I counted. 28 pairs of shoes.

There are:

2 pairs of flats

2 pairs of boots

3 pairs of slippers

3 pairs of flip flops

5 pairs of sneakers

5 pairs of wedges

8 pairs of heels

That’s 28 if you lost count.

2 + 2 is 4

3 + 3 is 6

4 + 6 is 10

5 + 5 is 10

10 + 10 is 20

+ 8 is 28

Some people say that it is excessive - the way that I collect shoes.

But see it’s no more excessive or more obsessive than the way that some people collect:


or bottle caps

or cards (the collectible kind)

or books

I collect books too you see.

But shoes. Shoes are my coping mechanism.

Shoes are the reason that I have exactly $0 to my name.

Because when I do have money, guess what I usually spend it on -

That’s right - shoes.

I use shoes as a means of distraction.

Because who can be sad when you have a shiny new pair designer heels to strut around in?

How can you be sad when you have an entire rainbow of colors, and an array of styles to choose from?

You can pick from:

tall heels to no heels

to bright colors to dark colors

to multicolored to no color

to strappy (like sandals) or shoes that cover your whole foot (like tennis shoes or boots).

See what I mean?

Do you remember how many pairs of shoes I have?

It provides a nice distraction having so many design options available to you.

I remember the last time that I had a friend over - and she counted my shoes.

She asked me, “Why do you have so many?”

And I asked her, “Why not?”

I didn't answer the question.

I didn't tell her that it hurt sometimes - just existing.

It hurts.

And that shoes can cover that hurt - distract you from it, for a little while.

Shoes can influence your mood.

Heels for example:

They make you taller

They force you to stand up straighter

When you are taller and you stand up straighter you feel just a little more confident

Flip flops:

They are the ultimate in lazy/laid back wear

You wear flip flops when you are comfortable - when you don’t need to assert command

You can even go without shoes.

Bare feet.

Comfortability, accessibility, freedom, joy.


Shoes make people happy.

Shoes make me happy.

Shoes are my coping mechanism.


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