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I feel numb inside Detached from myself and everything around me No amount of love or comfort Could thaw this heart of mine.   I feel like a ghost
Not proud to say Just telling the truth Accepting my flaw Detached as hell I'm like air I could be hot I could be cold
Instagram: @CEDBEAST  Lately I've been feeling detached.  But please dnt take it as a form of attack When I dnt reply to your messages your DMs or your snapchats When in fact I'm just on my own dealing with my own shit We grown and it's not everyd
it happened again everyone i trusted just blew up in my face the grenade ripped flesh and I am bleeding more than metaphorically get the fuck out you dont care you are sitting out there having so much fun 
How does it feel to have a fire that doesn't burn? As I detach and turn the page I have been tainted with empty rage I'm aware of the heat as the ember blazes
There's a Girl.....,
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