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I talked to the sun, moon, and stars before I reached heaven just in case you left a message for me to address it, I felt your presence like a gift left by the universe that was unexpected, I caught the lesson so I undressed it and
take 1 part desiccated heart petals, stained with blood of human yearning   mix with 2 parts fossilized true love  
holy fever from heavens light you are a child of the cosmos and ruler of the skies they will cower before you and you will teach them what fear truly is
The dark tree’s branches swoop over your head,And fill up your soul with a feeling of dread,This place is forsaken; you think to yourself.The trees are all dying, lacking all health
  A man can learn all that he can, Can know so much he need not plan, Could see it all, across all worlds, And yet he’d be but half a man.   With sight Omnipotent he has,
In this life, I will die a thousand times over.  I've learned the sun doesn't wait for me, and it doesn't wait for you, and that's okay We can watch the stars together in the meantime  
Love diesIn sunset eyes,And under the sunShe fades.   Through strange summer daysAnd dark autumn haze,My dreams take me farBeyond cosmic rays.  
In The World And In The Universe Operate Physical Brute Force Arts Heart And Nerves Of All Of Biology And All Living Things In The World Oppose The Brute Force
ICARUS - a stiffened dream of humanity in his desire - to fly Space ships and airplanes is not full of human feeling that this dream has come true Our mind want to traveling around the stars and distant worlds
i'm searching for a word, i know not how to say i'm searching the imaginary, to bring to reality waiting for a moment, with no concept of time
Drove past a car today
Oh you fool, you pretty thing,
               If the universe in its entirety                     is composed of                               all possibilities                           existing at once                   Then who is to say
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