Drove past a car today

that said "Jesus Loves You"

and a quote from the Bible

scribbled onto the windsheild

with silly spray. 


That's great I guess.

I was once in that state of mind too.

Completely satisfied with life

because I believed God loved me

and my god it was such a wonderful experience, 

I wanted to shove it down people's throats.

Like, "Here, eat this religion shit,

it's good stuff. It'll make you content

with the world and life in general."


And then I had another thought

just a beautiful thought,

but it slpped away

and instead of getting frustrated

I waved goodbye at it.


Then without much thought or hesitation,

I pulled up to the closest park.

I parked the car

and walked to the lake

and observed.

Observed everything,


People, familes,



VIvidly observing,

without sound

practicing being nothing

like the shrub behind my sholder

I wasn't thinking at all

I was just.... there.

Like any other moment I was,

I am, I live.



and a voice so loud

rumbled within


"what a joy it is connecting with people,

actually talking to them,

to hear their voices, their laugher.

To share the joy."


and I welcomed that voice with such enthusiasm

Yes!!! What a joy! To share joy!

without judgment or supression

It felt grand. A little closer to home than ever

A heart warming, tingling sensation that could connect everyone.

Without the limits of dogmas 

or sects, or classes of people in society

because after all,

books are for fairtales

and poets


and I recognize the soul as a prophet

constantly recieving messages from intersetllar waves

meant to be shared,

in our own words,

in our own joy




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