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Where's my seat? Oh, I know you! You have a card? I do too. Where's my seat? Piano sounds, it's time to sing. Turn around Where's my seat? Do, Re, Ri. Up the scale.
In a choir of voices, a  Soloist Is a tricky business.   We breathe as one,  More intimate than lovers, and  At the same time,   Not,--it's only what we're
I dye my hair. I play guitar. I create art. But, hey! I'm more than just a semi-realistic stereotype! I'm part of a choral group.  I go to church every Sunday. I love the library.
Dear Base, I can see it.  Coming, slowly on the horizon, wearing a dress drenched in rain but a smile dripping with love.   I can see her. Coming, slowly on the horizon-
To live, I wish no more When the choir angel singing renounces . Wishing, to be quiet like a corpse, The death of its joy, it announces. That day, no more shall I live,
As I walk through the door I see something i never knew before The people here know no bounds Snd they do whatever it takes to make a sound The pianist plays like it's his life
Red String "Dona Nobis Pacem" connecting us "Silent Night" love of something "Endo no Hana" intangible "One way or Another" in a choir "Betelehemu" we are all
Enter Stage Left,Refuse to Exit
Swish, the white and blue-lined silky fabric tingles my nylons Big, bright lights glare into my eyes, but my smile stays put until the corners of my mouth ache.
Nothing can take your place O Norfolk State Embroidered- the green and gold In my heart and my soul The fire alarms were a pain The classes sometimes a strain But the lessons I learned
They stand up to applaud You’ve done it Standing ovation You got the solo; the duet The piece; You brought it to life.   The cheering You know it’s for you,
"Here I am", said the teacher. "Here I am", said the vocalist. "Here I am", said the piano. "Here I am", said the books. "Here I am", said the desire. "Here I am", said the practice rooms. "Here I am", said the history.
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