5th Period Muses

Where's my seat?

Oh, I know you!

You have a card?

I do too.

Where's my seat?

Piano sounds,

it's time to sing.

Turn around

Where's my seat?

Do, Re, Ri.

Up the scale.

Si, La, Ti.

Where's my seat?

The teacher jokes,

he has a bald head,

my friend pokes.

Where's my seat?

I don't know.

I'm trying to see,

it's almost time to go.

Where's my seat?

I ask aloud.

The teacher laughs

and sits down.

"You don't need to sit,

we're not done singing.

Do it

and you'll do bad!"

So we never sat,


among the rows,

and seas of open mouths,

we sang.

And suprisingly,

I found my seat.

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