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On a deserted island the one thing that I’d bring? With this answer I’m not hesitant, I want to bring with me, Some of the dead U.S. presidents.   Give me money. Give it to me more than I can count.
BLAM BLAM TSK BASH Anyone who’s anyone is at the Cash Cash Bash. Bring Cash to this will grantee some good hash. At the finest cash cash bash no man brings change here.
Here I am yet again. Looking for a payout for college For education, for knowledge For a job, for a career, for more money Spend money to make money. Its money this and money that.
A man used to own half of a Piggly Wiggly store.But because of a girl, he doesn't own it anymore.She was half his age and she only cared about his money.She spent all of his cash and he had to file for bankruptcy.
They say money doesn't grow on trees, And I never argued   For I have never seen Benjamin, Ulysses, Andrew, Alexander, Abraham, Nor George Sway, fleetly, from branch to ground.
Who knew  one could be so  submissive . . . ? mopping and cleaning plates for mere tips We dream and play  until one day it slips Not a care for others
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