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Driving home that rainy night, Everything was normal, everything was right.I turned the same way I always do,quickly running out of time before curfew!Almost home, just a few miles to go, 
Some times little changes Bring about great things. I didn't choose to be this way. Life has turned me into this.   Take me to the land of fantasies Where all my dreams will come true
Now that I see your big round eyes looking right into mines. All I can say is that I am grateful for another day of peace.   Nothing, nothing is going to come in between us,
The doubts that tour my mind Keep me off track I can't get past That last kiss we had  Without letting out A cry.   If one day life Decides to let us try  One more time
Drive into the night There's a light flashing in the distance A young boy driving thought he'd miss it
It happens so fast, you hardly can explain, the lights begin to flash and then comes to pain
I feel it, I sense it. It targets all my veins and reactions. My heart stops for a while and I can't breathe. I suddenly start to drop and watch as the Sun eclipse before my eyes. This is my pain. Can you feel it too ? 
I'm missing you everyday, You are always on my heart and mind, I try to see your face but I fear it is fading away, Im longing to hear your voice, I'd love to hear your laugh,
Thursday morning, just like any other I wake up. the vibe is different. I have yet to find out, but something is wrong
Large boulders of smoke roll down your throat and coat your breath with the smell of false happiness. Yellow stained fingers cover a frequent cough. You sound more and more like your dog as the days pass.
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